NEW YORK | The XI (76 11th Ave) | 400 + 300 FT | 28 & 38 FLOORS


Another AMAZING scoop by Yimby!

This, together with Gang’s Solar Curve and Zaha’s nearby masterpiece, constitute further icing on the cake!

This is the Age of Ramses, lads!


Looks awesome. Love all three of the projects you mentioned.


This is the Age of Ramses, Lion.

Ziel Friedman usually


Indeed! The Age of Ramses! I can’t wait to visit and eventually live in the Rome of our time!


Speaking of the Age of Ramses, I have read that General Electric may be moving back to the city!


That’s true!


The new masterpieces in this immediate area that I omitted also include HdM’s new gem And Related’s palace by RAMSA!

550 Washington will be another amazing addition to this collection of Gems on West Street!


Do you have a rendering for the RAMSA palace?


550 Washington looks superb!


I think 550 Washington’s plans are the most exciting of the bunch, especially in terms of the + impact it will have on the neighborhood (which will be enormous).


Considering what Atlas can build as of right, I hope that this plan is approved. It looks great.

BIG’s plan is utterly amazing. Since Friedman is a penny pincher, I hope that this is built.



Q. What’s happening with your other projects in New York?

A. We’re starting up on the second phase of the BIG U. Not only the East Side we’ve been working on, which is scheduled to break ground in 2017, but also the south tip of Manhattan, including Battery Park City.

Then we’re doing the Spiral and 2 World Trade Center; they’re in conversation with potential anchor tenants. We’re doing a rental building in Harlem, on 126th Street, but we haven’t really gone public with it yet.

Q. Don’t you have a project for HFZ Capital Group as well?

A. That’s also not really public, but there have been a handful of leaks for both projects. With HFZ, we’re working on this condo-hotel project on the High Line.


LOL @ handful of leaks :blush:


I think that Yimby leaked this first!

I can’t wait!!


Si, got a bunch of leaks for this one, :smiley:


This and Gang’s Solar Curve will be amazing additions to this stunning area!


Work is getting under way!

June 7th!


Awesome RW!

Looking forward to this.


Me too, VG. This will be amazing!


July 21st