NEW YORK | The XI (76 11th Ave) | 400 + 300 FT | 28 & 38 FLOORS


That woman who thought they were falling over must be pretty stupid

Probably one of the “I need to speak to your manager” types


Stupid? I doubt it. That’s a bit strong to say the least. Probably just “shocked” would be more apt. And that’s actually a correct reaction. It’s not about beauty but engineering power. Not the best compliment for a building!


I agree with chused. Under construction, a lot of the intentionality in the design is lost, and the potential sense of danger increased.


Any reasonably intelligent person would realize a couple things:

  1. If a building were falling over, it would be making an incredible amount of noise and commotion. Not just silently standing there

  2. Construction crews would be running away from the site, not continuing about their work

  3. Other people on the highline and the surrounding area would also be reacting. She can’t honestly believe she was the only one who noticed a 400 foot building falling over?

Maybe you’re right, maybe not stupid, but to call 911 with everything stated above, and to tie up some of the cities’ valuable emergency resources, I at least question her judgment lol


Perhaps. Part of my reaction also was to the use of strong language like “stupid.” I really don’t think that’s appropriate on a public forum. We can state opinionated views without edging toward the demeaning side. Thanks.


i don’t have a problem with the overall shape of this, but I’m most concerned about the window color choice. The black is just not working for me. Perhaps when it’s done and a lighter color cladding is installed between the windows, I will like it a little more.




My one complaint about this building is that it turns its back on the HL; I think it’s most unflattering angle will be the one from which it’s most viewed.



Credit: FC