NEW YORK | The XI (76 11th Ave) | 400 + 300 FT | 28 & 38 FLOORS




Tower 2 of The Shee is making good progress. The Chairman would be proud.






Tower 2 is really growing quickly:


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Bonus: Amazing view of HY/MW.





This area will be quite cavernous, especially when the western building of 501 W 18th rises.
It will also be one of the most photographed views in the whole city.


This area is getting so built up, I miss the openness and the brick lowrises around the time when the first section of the High Line opened around 2009. And it’s only been a decade!



If you want open space go to the country :neutral_face:


The problem with the High Line are the people not the buildings

I used to live like block and a half from it and I never went because it was insufferable and only marginally better than the Times Square experience

Compounding the problem is the early closure hours. If it stayed open later or overnight perhaps the locals would enjoy it more or tend to spread out the crowd more.


I agree with the overcrowding. I used to live on 29th St. and 10th Ave and would only go up to the High Line in the late evenings or if a friend or a relative wanted to go up there. There’s no such thing as a casual stroll on the High Line unless it’s early in the morning or late in the evening.


I’m only a little nostalgic for the days when 10th Avenue was all parking lots and gas stations. The area was ripe for redevelopment, and development there is well and good. The article above does a pretty good job of an itemized critique of the architecture along it.


Let’s be honest: most of this area was a dump before the High Line. The park has been a wild success and has spurned a great deal of development. Yes, most of it is for the rich, but the rebirth of the MP District and Chelsea has benefited tourists and locals alike, leading to everything from new roads to new subway stations.
If only they’d tear down the FDR in the FiDi, they could duplicate the success of the HL.