NEW YORK | The XI (76 11th Ave) | 400 + 300 FT | 28 & 38 FLOORS


Thanks. They’re all blurry, my equipment need repairs.



Today from the ferry and highline. First tower is about halfway up.


Nice shots, JC


r_180509206_beat0037_a by Mitch Waxman, on Flickr



Clearly they were inspired by this great beauty:





27/38 for the 400 for tower, 71%


This tower is Stunning!




I kinda like the Chinese president. Strong leader, and while there might be some faults, there’s no knocking his success in making China a strong nation. Under his watch, China has boomed and has become a real force in the world, especially economically.

I just hope U.S. leadership can see China as a friend, a working partner, and NOT an enemy.

I have great respect for the Chinese, right up to the Germans. I respect hard work, intellect, and a collective effort where the people think about the motherland, the nation, and will make the appropriate sacrifices for it.

Well anyways, my rant is over, and at the end of the day, I wish success to them, for I see the grander vision that their success, is also in our mutual benefit.



I agree. LIfe is not a zero sum game. Just because the Chinese prosper doesn’t mean that Americans, Europeans, etc. cannot.

I’d also like to see a very strong military counterweight to the US, so that we’re less inclined to launch multi-trillion dollar military excursions and use that money for health care, education, and infrastructure.

The amount of money that we give to Israel each year could pay for a brand new Penn Station.


From today


That second photo actually made me queasy. Such a cool shape.


Thank god he had a harness, this would’ve had a stop work order like CPT and 111 W57!


they will have a partial SWO on something.

even in a save situation they will be inspecting the hell out of that job and they will find something to write up


Hoboken Terminal Clock Tower and the Empire State Building, shot from Newport Green in Jersey City. by Arturo Pardavila III, on Flickr