NEW YORK | The XI (76 11th Ave) | 400 + 300 FT | 28 & 38 FLOORS


I agree!



Nice shots. Brooklyn!


Thanks, amigo!


This is rising quickly


Today from Hoboken


Also I collected these renders all from various articles!


Great shot, JC


Credit: FC


These will be beautiful!!!



Can’t wait to see them on Sunday!


Hi, Tom.

Will you be downtown in FiDi too?


I’ll try to go from everywhere from the tip of Lower Manhattan to Midtown, but before I go in the city I have labeled like 20 spots on my Maps to take photos of the skyline



Please take some shots of SLG’s site on B’Way and Fulton, 75 Nassau, and the residential tower on the old Sym’s site on Trinity Street.

We haven’t had updates on those projects for a while.


I’ll try to get everything this time!
(Sorry for being off topic)


You ‘da man, Tominater!


SLG’s site is on Broadway at Dey Street, 187 Broadway


Yes. That one. I said Fulton because for a non-New Yorker, it’s easy to spot it since it’s across from the Fulton St Transit Center.


More shots here
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