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Permits Filed: 11-51 47th Avenue


11-51 47th Avenue, rendering via Charney Construction

Back in April, YIMBY did an interview with developer Sam Charney, in which he revealed plans for a condo project in Long Island City, near MoMA’s PS1 outpost. Today, permits were filed for the 11-story, 125-foot building at 11-51 47th Avenue.

The 70,000-square foot project will consist of 52,728 square feet of net residential space divided among 56 condos, for an average apartment size just below 1,000 square feet. Half the units will be two-bedrooms, while the other half will be split between one- and three-bedroom units, yielding a substantial percentage of family-sized units. At the base there will be a small 1,280-square foot retail space and a 23-space garage, per the application.

The building, which sits at the intersection of 21st Street, 47th Avenue and Jackson Avenue, is being jointly developed by two Long Island City-based firms – Charney Construction & Development (led by Sam Charney, a former executive at Two Trees) and Ascent Development. Fogarty Finger is responsible for design, which will feature large casement windows rounded around the chamfered corner created by Jackson Avenue.

11-51 47th Avenue (northwest of five-way intersection), from Charney Construction

In April, Charney told YIMBY of the project:

I think our architect has done a wonderful job of creating a design that recalls the industrial past of the neighborhood while modernizing that aesthetic. The fact that we are a corner lot with frontage on three streets presents this very special opportunity to create an architecturally noteworthy building to compliment PS1, and hopefully become its own icon on the Jackson Avenue corridor for years to come. […]

The design partner we are working with, Chris Fogarty, has done a phenomenal job of articulating what we believe is the aesthetic people are looking for in today’s built world; the plan for 11-51 47th Avenue uses exposed raw materials and elements such as concrete, steel, and wood to evoke the industrial past of Long Island City, while also incorporating rounded glass walls and multi-paned windows to modernize the scheme.

A number of older structures remain on the site – they’ll need to be demolished before construction begins, but permits for that have yet to be filed.

NEW YORK | 13-33 Jackson Avenue | 11 FLOORS

Topped out. Taken from the 7 train on 11/5.

Does anyone know if there is another thread for this already? I feel like I have posted an update for this building before but cant find anything else.


I don’t believe there is another thread for this JC.


Starting to look a bit better with the glass.





A rendering from the website

And now some photos from this morning





And here are some photos from this morning.


This morning:


This morning


This morning



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earlier today


Are they going to cover the bare concrete? Hard to tell from the original rendering. Hopefully they put something on there, because it looks terrible.