NEW YORK | The Greenpoint | 392 FT | 39 FLOORS




Great pics, Tec and 5Bfilms!!


Pic by me. Taken today.






O-H-I-O by deepaqua, on Flickr


last pic’s title is for Robert! :smile:


This is like City Lights back in the early 2000s.




Nice shot. :+1:


Thanks Tec - the views from the William Vale are amazing…you should definitely check it out (as long as you don’t mind waiting in a rope line)


Thant’s an amazing photo 5B. I went to William Vale the week it opened late last year. Had to wait in line like 30min. I want to go back and thought perhaps the lines would have mostly subsided. What day did you go? (When it was beautiful last weekend?) And how long was the wait in line?


Went on Sunday…didn’t have to wait too long, maybe like 15min but there was a party of some kind going on and they wouldn’t let anyone not on the guest list all the way to the top. Probably best to go mid-week if at all possible…


I do. :slight_smile:


haha. I debated going up at all and there were only 4 people in front of me…like I said though, the views were amazing


Very nice.


Be sure to get a drink at the bar…because someone will have to hold it while you’re taking photos




This looks like a good spot to take a date too.