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Environmental survey team returned to 44-30 Purves Street in July

Posted on August 5, 2014 by CtSqLIC

We haven’t seen any activity on the 44-30 Purves Street site since April, when we saw an environmental study team doing work on the lot. Well, the same kind of work was being done on July 11. As you can see from the photos below, trucks and equipment were on the lot as they prepare for a residential build.

Last June, Brause Realty purchased the lot at 44-30 Purves Street for $17.2 million with plans to build around 250 rental units. Since then, aside from a fence going up, there has been zero activity and no new permits have been filed.

Environmental survey crews were seen at 44-30 Purves Street

An aerial view of 44-30 Purves Street


Permits Filed: 33-Story Tower Coming to 44-26 Purves Street


44-26 Purves Street, image via Google Maps

The first permits are up for a new 33-story residential tower at 44-26 Purves Street, in Long Island City’s Court Square neighborhood; Brause Realty acquired the site at a foreclosure auction in the spring of 2013.

FXFowle is attached as the architect of record, and the building will span 207,053 square feet, split between a 517 square foot commercial component, and 270 apartments. At a total height of 374 feet, ceilings will also be surprisingly generous compared to most new construction in the neighborhood.

The boom in Court Square is finally kicking into high gear, and buildings of 40+ stories are now in the works at 42-12 28th Street (58 stories and 646 feet), 43-22 Queens Street (54 stories and 580′), 43-25 Hunter Street (50 stories and 509′), 22-24 Jackson Avenue (48 stories and 498′), and 23-10 Queens Plaza South (44 stories and 480′).

While 44-26 Purves won’t be quite as tall as the aforementioned towers, FXFowle’s involvement likely signals something of a higher caliber than most new developments in Court Square, and if any crown is included, it will still make a (likely positive) impact on the skyline.

The Court Square boom is accelerating into the stratosphere, and while progress on the ground remains scattered, permits relating to administrative overhead have been streaming in for several months, for projects large and small. The entire neighborhood will soon be a forest of cranes, and next year, the skyline will undergo the most impressive relative change among New York’s peripheral cores, which is especially impressive considering what’s in the pipeline for both Downtown Brooklyn and Jersey City.

No completion date for the site — which also goes by 44-30 Purves — has been announced.


Environmental survey team back at 44-30 Purves Street

Posted on October 1, 2014 by CtSqLIC

Environmental survey teams were seen at 44-30 Purves Street

Another look inside the 44-30 Purves Street lot



Tower is about 10 floors from topping out already and is past that first small setback on purves st side. Glass and cladding already going up as well?

Tower on right with crane

Left with crane

On right with crane.


Here are the renders posted by newyorkyimby a couple months ago

I think this tower will turn out pretty good. And will look nice on the lic skyline from the lie


This building should be recategorized as “under construction.”

Here are some photos from this morning.


Great shots. Moved.


Apparently the bronze panels have been dropped for white paint. Still I think this tower is a great addition to the area, it’s just unbelievable how this specific block was transformed in such a short amount of time. Also, it is about 3 stories from being topped out.



Topped Off


photo by Mitch Waxman

r_161006091_beat0067_a by Mitch Waxman, on Flickr


The white doesnt look as good and makes the building look boring. Those bronze panels in the earlier renderings would have been awesome on this one. Shame.


According to the article the panels are still happening: “Thankfully, the white paint at 44-26 Purves, which would have been a passable but underwhelming surface finish, is just an underlay for the panel system.”


Glad to hear this will still be getting the nice cladding. Thanks BV!





Still no side cladding.





Still waiting on the copper-color cladding.


Here’s a photo from this morning. Still no cladding.


This morning.

It seems that the workers are preparing the north facade for cladding installation.