NEW YORK | The Fitzroy (510-514 W 24th St) | 120 FT | 10 FLOORS


Today. Still waiting on the scaffolding to come down so we can really see how the terra cotta looks.


Scaffolding is starting to come down. Looks incredible.I wish I had something better than an iPhone photo.




JDS is great!


What a treasure.




Photos by me


I just wish this beauty was a hotel :weary:


This is extraordinary!


That Bauhaus concrete building used to be impressive, now it’s just in the way. The Fitzroy should have its spot and two full exposures to the Highline. In any case I have a feeling we’ll see more Fitzroys in the future.


I feel exactly the same way. I LOVE this building and wish there was a hotel bar or something I could go hang out in. Unfortunately, I don’t exactly have the starting price of 5.8 million they want to get in the door here :frowning:



To me at least, this building makes Stern’s work look like gene kaufmanns that’s how nice it is


JDS really is adding iconic gems throughout the city. So much thought and consideration goes into their projects, including hiring architectural historians. They have a real love for the city and its architecture, and are contributing to it in a major way.





I don’t know what’s across from The Fitzroy, but this is a gorgeous block!