NEW YORK | The Centrale (138 East 50th St.) | 803 FT | 64 FLOORS








Only in New York can an 800’ tower get “lost”.


Why am I just now finding this building, this thing looks awesome!



Nice pic, to think that the Waldorf Astoria used to be one of the tallest buildings in that area


Just imagine, One Vanderbilt will dominate in that picture 3 years from now.


As seen from my hotel room. Although not dominating, its sleek profile and height really does enhance the skyline. At first I mistook it for 111W 57!


You have a great view, Stig!




photos by me


Nice shots, Street!


Wow! It did not look that tall and skinny in the renderings. Nice.


I was thinking the same thing.


It has an amazing presence from the East River. And with this I can only imagine what presence the ~900-foot 425 Park Ave (5 blocks up from this) will have when topped-out.


I like the reflection of the Waldorf’s crown.


Great shot, Oppix


Me too. That’s a nice reflection of Waldorf Astoria. :slight_smile:
Nice shots as well, Oppix56.