NEW YORK | Summit (222 East 44th St.) | 556 FT | 42 FLOORS


earlier today


Chaissonic NYC by jon mannion, on Flickr




This would be the talk of the town in Dallas, Atlanta, Denver, Charlotte, etc. Only in NY can this be COMPLETELY under the radar.


Yeah its a nice perk to have. I mean there are 600 to 700 foot towers that if your not aware of or know about them, can go complete unnoticeable. One large scale development, Waterline Square, has 4 towers rising, all quite big, and in many places, would be a Hudson Yards like development for them. Here though, unless your looking, it blends into the jungle. Even something like 520 CP would be a new tallest for many cities.


this tower is literally off the grid :rofl:


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This area is still pretty heinous. This full block collection of junk on Third is a disgrace.

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