NEW YORK | Staircase (fmr. Hudson Yards 'Vessel') | 154 FT




Wow. This is interesting.


Are those the first panels on the Culture Shed I’m seeing in the background?


Looks like it is… with a large sheath covering them!


Those have been up for a couple weeks now but they appear to just be blue netting. I might be wrong though I haven’t looked at it in person




Look lower. Just to the right of the crane above The Vessel :wink:


Here’s a gif I made from the video VG just posted by user tomcon02 on Insta
(the potential new panels on the shed that we’re talking about can be seen at the far left, covered in white)


Look in this screenshot dead center


Oooh ok thanks for pointing that out guys. I completely missed the white panels










Nice shot, Robert.




Serious question here, how do they intend to get the crane out once the Vessel is complete?


It’s low enough that they can bring in another, movable crane to take it town. Note that this crane is not one that helps itself grow and then helps take itself apart. It was initially installed by another crane at this height. It shouldn’t be a problem at all.


It’s just so cool to see this being built and the city is sleeping on it! It will be as tall as the Statue of Liberty and will probably be a Top 5 tourist attraction when it’s complete…You can also see it very clearly from across the Hudson and it’s only halfway up (will it be obstructed by anything to the west of it I am not sure?)… Anyway I just wanted to say I’m a big fan of The Vessel - If anybody lives in the city, definitely go to the high line because it extends all around the site with great views of The Vessel (and also there is amazing architecture all along the high line)