NEW YORK | Staircase (fmr. Hudson Yards 'Vessel') | 154 FT


Staircase… eh … not original. The Vessel made sense, given that this structure is an alien construct.


So which shoe company will turn this into an ad first? I’m guessing Nike.


The number of videos/movies that will inculde this will be insane. Once it gets proper media attention and opens this will be a new hub for tourism.


I agree. If there is one thing NY is good at, its promoting itself. I think this will follow the route of the High Line in which, this will become almost inhospitable due to the sheer number of folks visiting, and will be ideal early morning or late at night.

Once the marketing kicks into high gear, I’m speculating this will go the route of the High Line with respect to the crowds or even ala the Wall Street Bull crowds.


I envision this as just a fancy kids playground set with kids running up and down the stairs.


Is there going to be an admission fee for this and what is it?


I doubt it. If so, it’ll be small. Probably just lots of lines and security chepoints.


Almost certainly a checkpoint/waiting queue for the first 6+ months of existence. I can’t remember how long that lasted for the Highline, but they had it.


Wow. Never knew they did that for the highline. So much better without checkpoints. F that.



"But a Related rep told 6sqft that Vessel —and, apparently, “New York’s Staircase”—were intended as placeholders, and that “[w]e’re excited to have the public help us with a name.”

NEW YORK | 111 West 57th St | 1,428 FT | 91 FLOORS

I think the controlled access will be long term since unlike the Highline, which is much larger, this thing can only accommodate 1000 people at a time.


I could see over time the public giving it some colloquialism like “The Honeycomb” or “The Bowl,” regardless of whatever official name it’s assigned. Much like how Big Ben got its name.


There’s going to be huge lines when this opens. I could see the lines stretching out the park in the first few days.


Finishing touches/landscaping happening



Will this thing spur copycats in other cities? Look at how the Highline got other cities to do their own versions.


That’s right! They literally opened a mini highline in Philly called “The Rail Park” last year. And just like the Highline, it was formerly used for railroads. I honestly like the idea of these public places and tall public structures like the Vessel. I believe all cities should have something like that, but in their own unique design


Credit: FC


Vessel looks done. Hoping for nice weather so they finish everything else on time and nothing is rushed