NEW YORK | Staircase (fmr. Hudson Yards 'Vessel') | 154 FT


Hmm, I feel like “The Staircase” is too literal, but “The Vessel” may be too obscure for purposes of appealing to mass tourism. They should have a contest to pick a new name!


Chicago calls their mirrored sculpture “the bean” NY should call this “the acorn”


I can support the Acorn


I want it to be the champagne glass


The Beehive! :honeybee:


The Honeycomb?


This looks beautiful, although the subway entrance is pretty lame. Surely there will be chase scenes and shootouts on this in future Hollywood blockbusters.







It’s sometimes hard to get a sense of scale on this thing. It’s huge!


The actual copper Statue of Liberty is 151 feet tall (not including the base) so Hudson Yards is the same height as Lady Liberty. Here is a 30 second MS Paint photoshop!


This looks like a legitimate proposal Bjarke Ingels would make


Opening March 15!


2019 is going to be a great year, and this is starting it


seems like it was indeed rebranded.

In just two months, many of the public pieces of the Hudson Yards megaproject —high-end shops and upscale restaurants, a park, Thomas Heatherwick’s 150-foot-tall “public landmark,” now known as New York’s Staircase—will debut, bringing the $20 billion development into its next phase.


I liked Vessel better. Oh well :man_shrugging:t2:

We’ll see if the new name sticks. NYC doesn’t have the same propensity to nickname their buildings and structures as London does. If this were London, the naming would be completely out of the developer’s hands :joy:.


It’s more like a basket case.