NEW YORK | Staircase (fmr. Hudson Yards 'Vessel') | 154 FT


Has anyone seen any info on the unique curved-track elevator this will have? I’m curious to know more about who’s making it and how it will work.


When I first saw it I was curious on how it works. I think this is how it’ll work


I’m going to guess and say it’ll be something close to an inclined elevator I’ve studied in school. Judging from the construction photos on Untapped Cities





I can’t believe this, it’s already almost done. The whole Hudson Yards has been making great progress, and now each tower has no tower cranes so it should look close to the renders! Funny how I thought it wasn’t going to happen, but now I’m very impressed


This happened because I truly believe developers are finally realizing that people don’t want mediocre developments.

They want world class, timeless design.


November 8th, 2018

(Taken with my cellphone.)


Tourists will walk down Omotesando just to look at the exteriors of shops they won’t step foot in because the architecture is unique and noteworthy.

Mediocre design ruins places, good design elevates them. Too many developers are just living and dying on the bottom line.


The key objective is getting as much foot traffic there as possible. If 90% of traffic doesn’t even step foot inside, 10% is good enough if the overall volume is high enough.

That’s the sole reason the Vessel was built in the first place. To just get people there. Conversion rates, in terms of sales, is a secondary thought.



I suspect that elevator is going to be very busy lol


Designs like this elevate a city. This is what people expect to see in a world-class city like New York and I am so proud of the Related team.


Oh, fascinating! While the elevator support beams have a gentle curve, it looks like the track inside has more of a zig-zag shape. What a bonkers elevator design.



Pic by me. Taken today.

20181116_114940 by Christopher Estevez, on Flickr




hmmm. Don’t quote me on this but going by this I think they are rebranding this as “The Staircase” the metadata still says vessel though.