NEW YORK | Staircase (fmr. Hudson Yards 'Vessel') | 154 FT


Looks pretty cool.





Just beautiful!! :heart_eyes:





@ Hudson Yards New York


time will tell if this is something that will become internationally recognized, but it will definitely be something that draws attention to Hudson yards.

I think they will see the retail spots in the mall get snatched up pretty fast after this reveal.


It’s impressive and so cool this enormous and unique structure! :smiley:


How tall is the retail base between 10 HY and 30 HY?.. I wonder if the vessel (150ft) will be tall enough to see over the mall and over into midtown


I think the retail podium Is over 200’’ tall (maybe 250’), so the vessel won’t be tall enough to view over it.

The Vessel imo, should be taller. Would have been awesome if they make it the same height of the Statue of liberty at ~300’.




The more I look at it, the more it looks incomplete to me. I wish it were a full “cocoon”.




The elevator wasn’t obvious to me at first, but I’ve realized that it is actually in all of the renderings. It looks to be not only inclined, but curved. That will be quite the engineering feat! I hope they can maintain it…

Elevator highlighted in blue:


I noticed it on the first day it was released




its actually an inclinator.



When is this starting construction?


Can’t remember exactly, but I know they are currently fabricating the materials. Italy I believe.


Awesome, thanks!