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Here’s the same info from a different source:

The Alphabet Inc. GOOGL, +3.62% GOOG, +3.56% unit is nearing a deal to buy or lease a planned 1.3 million-square-foot office building at St. John’s Terminal in the city’s West Village neighborhood, said people familiar with the discussions. The building, planned to be completed by 2022, would give Google space for more than 8,500 staff, based on the industry standard of 150 square feet per employee.
In addition, Google plans to expand its existing property at Chelsea Market by about 300,000 square feet, according to people briefed on those plans. Taken with announced plans for 250,000 square feet of office space at Pier 57, that is enough space for more than 3,500 workers.


The COOKFOX plan was much more exciting…


I don’t know how I got through the pay wall of the WSJ…lol. But yes, the COOKFOX plan was way more ambitious. But this design made for easy leasing. So I guess it works out. Hopefully now we get more renderings of its transformation


This is still a beautiful project, and who knows what will happen with the north parcel.

The prior plan with huge numbers of condos wasn’t viable in this market. I’m pleased that this eyesore is being replaced.


Would have been better if google went to wtc2! But i see they like those huge floorplates in chelsea and it will be similar at st johns terminal so i guess it makes sense. That is a huge expansion for google to take all this extra space though and extra exciting to hear right after all the Amazon talk this week.


And it looks like Goole will be the Tennant here.


Images from that article:

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