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I agree, Chris. While they will build in stages, I hope they demolish the whole eyesore at once.


From New York Yimby earlier this week.


John Boehner approves!!!


This will help accelerate the project!


I agree!



I assume that they will proceed with redeveloping this heinous eyesore.









Anything is an improvement from the current state, but I wish this looked more like the original CookFox plan which had a Hugh Ferriss appeal.

Side note- is anyone else confused by this rendering? I was under the impression that Oxford had control of the South site, but based off the appearance of 160 Leroy in this rendering, it looks like this is the North site. Does anyone know?



I think they intentionally left the northern building as an empty lot so you could see the northern side of the building and the exposed railroad tracks that’s described in the article. You technically wouldn’t see that side of the northern section of the Terminal if it was in this rendering.


Thanks. I see now. At first it didnt look large enough to be an empty lot.


West Street has gone from terrible to beautiful. I’d like to see it reduced to only two lanes of traffic with the other lanes to the west incorporated into the park.

I really hope that the heinous, enormous UPS facility in Greenwich comes down.


Good news for the site!

Google Plans Large New York City Expansion


the internet is taking over! :smiley:


jesus wow… can anyone out the article, it’s behind a paywall