NEW YORK | Solar Carve (40-56 10th Ave) | 190 FT | 12 FLOORS


We need more Gang in NY. This one turned out great. Cant wait to see how 11 Hoyt turns out.



Great and unique angle!



I don’t think Winter is the best look for this building. Being cloudy doesn’t help. Probably best in the summer sun.


Credit: FC





Nice pics with the sunlight. I forget who said it up top, but this will be a cool building to see in the summer. With blue skies, the trees in bloom around it etc. I think it’ll be a handsome young building


5b, Your photos of this amazing building are truly Spectacular!!!


This market is the last major eyesore in this gorgeous area. It must go!

I’d also like to see 10th Ave either closed at this point or made into a one lane road with trees and grass on the other existing lanes.


Thank you kind Sir!


I think the whole street should become a park and the HL should be extended across West St/ 11th Avenue to connect to Pier55 and the Hudson River Park.


I agree, but I wonder if the Whitney has an access point for its art on 10th.


The Whitney presently does not connect directly with the Highline. That probably can’t happen because of the museum’s need to search at entry and sell tickets. Managing that at two spots probably kills the budget and deletes some exhibit space.


Thanks, Chused. I didn’t mean to suggest that it connects to the Highline. I meant if the museum has a service entrance on Tenth from which it loads and unloads art, etc.



Cool balcony.


Dope pic!!