NEW YORK | Solar Carve (40-56 10th Ave) | 190 FT | 12 FLOORS




Great shot, Tec!

This is shooting up!




Nice shots, Tec!

The architecture along the High Line is amazing!




You can see the left third of each floor will basically just be scaffolding and then come down, as you can also see some angled beams behind where the angled facade will go.




photos by mrnyc on ssp







can sorta see the angled pillar behind all of the scaffolding





Not to be geeedy, but did you get any of Vinoly’s new building on Ninth in the MP?


Today from Hoboken




Great shots of two new gems, Tec.

That horrible meat market next to the Whitney must go.


I agree, but I hope something of equal scale replaces it. The open areas of the High Line are wonderful, and I fear that it will all become enclosed one day without such considerations.


That was an error.


This was quick!

P.S.: I’d like to see the lower portion of Tenth Ave closed from 14th St until its terminus where it meets West St around Gansevoort. It should be made into a ribbon Park that compliments the High Line. This hideous stretch of asphalt serves no transportation purpose whatsoever.


That’s a great idea! I hope the Whitney buys those old Gansevoort markets, they could make great use of space there.


Here’s a great article by our man, YIMBY.

Is what has been built different from the renderings?