NEW YORK | Skyscraper Clusters


Hi! I’m new to the forums, and I noticed there was no good thread for posting pictures of just one city. So, here, you can post pictures of whichever cluster of skyscrapers in the NYC area that you want. So, for example, just post a picture of Jersey City, not the whole NJ skyline. This is so we can see each cluster closeup and watch it grow.


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For now I have this

But I’ll be coming to the city on Sunday and I will be getting a handful of photos of the skyline


Awesome! I live out in New Jersey and there’s a great viewpoint on a cliff in the reservation in West Orange, I could head there this weekend and get pictures




Jersey City


Here is one skyscraper cluster. Just one of many nodes that quite frankly could be cities themselves if separated and place somewhere in a field.

Credit: FC