NEW YORK | Skyline Tower (23-15 44th Drive) | 778 FT | 66 FLOORS


02/19/19 12:29 PM


So much for the claim by NIMBYs that the subway stations are overcrowded. That photo certainly proves the contrary.


The overcrowding problem is during peak hours. Grand Central and QB plaza platforms on the 7 can get really scary. I always fear crowd movements and falling to the tracks. Exits are also too small with funnel effect, escalators failing literally once a week…

Good news is that, despite hiccups at the beginning, the new CBTC system did improve reliability and pace.


Just wait until the computer actually takes over with ATO. Really looking forward to that.


Guys and gals, please with the politics.


So much bitching and moaning. Like who complains about poor people?


I deleted a bunch of off topic posts. This is about “skyline tower”.

Common folks, we are better than that. We don’t want to be citydata. We are better than that.

While we may have all had issues with Amazon or the state of array with allocation of money, let’s keep that out of a thread devoted for a project called Skyline Tower.

If you all want, I’ll make a private NY politics thread for members only. But only in that thread could politics be discussed and it will require certain membership length to view.

Unless its directly related to this development, than its applicable. For example, Penn Station bureaucracy in the penn station development thread or politics related to a certain zoning in which a development needs.

Try to keep it “development specific” and not off topic.



Crappy train shots.



From Queensboro Plaza: