NEW YORK | Skyline Tower (23-15 44th Drive) | 778 FT | 66 FLOORS




At the same time, LIC is also getting the 751 ft Queens Plaza Park, so they are getting 2 new tallest!


That’s the one with the restored clock tower right? I can see the scaffolding up there.


Yup, LIC promises to be a construction mecca for years to come!


Hard to get a good angle of this. I think the best angle is on the 7 train before entering Court Sq. It’s very close to the train.




12/1 Looks like the first setback is taking shape, so the main tower should be popping up soon.

From 7 Train Platform

44th Dr

44th Rd

23rd Street


Damn imagine living here and walking over to your job at Amazon across the street. Easy commute.


From the 7


Week-end à NYC by Christian Pagé, on Flickr




I just saw this. This pic needs the @Thomas_Koloski treatment for this tower and Queens Plaza Park.


More renderings can be seen in the article itself.

I’m excited to see how this new subway entrance turns out too:

About $16 million has been committed for a new entrance to the Court Square subway station, which serves the E, M, G, and 7 lines, at the base of the building.


It would really help the flow of passengers if they were able to open an entrance to the 7 at the northern end that connected to the E/M. This would help with station distribution and an easier transfer. Citi helped to make the connection possible at the southern end. I was hoping they would do the same here.


Today. If I’m not mistaken, the main tower is beginning to rise from the podium.

From 44th drive:

44th Rd:


sales projections for this tower have been revised to a whopping 1.8 billion. Compared to Manhattan, units are relatively inexpensive (one BR starting <$1 million) but there are a lot of units.

Chris Xu of United Construction and Development, and partners Henry Yeung, Brian Pun of FSA Capital and Risland U.S. Holdings, have filed a pricing amendment for Skyline Tower.
Now rising at 23-14 44th Drive in Long Island City, what will be the tallest New York condo outside of Manhattan, the 67-story building has projected a $1.8 billion sell out following Amazon’s HQ2 announcement.
Long Island City brokerage firm Modern Spaces is exclusively handle marketing and sales for the project.
One-bedrooms, which average 702 s/f, will start at $865,000, and two-bedrooms of 932 s/f will start at $1.225 million.


units will have floor-to-ceiling windows. Out of 802 units, 155 will feature private, outdoor terraces.



Wow, rising quickly now that the podium is complete. Looks like 4 floors is the past 9 days!




Today from a couple different angles. Looks like 12-13 floors up (as seen from 24th street).

From Court Square 7 platform.

44th Dr

44th Rd

24th St

From Queensboro Plaza platform