NEW YORK | Skyline Tower (23-15 44th Drive) | 778 FT | 66 FLOORS




I got some street level shots as well.


FAA submission for a tower crane:


Interesting, crane height mentions 1119ft. Isn’t it a bit tall for a building that’s supposed to be 762ft?


Yeah that does seem ridiculous and almost impossible for a crane to be that high at the top even with the boom sticking straight up. It only makes sense if this is based off of the old 963 ft design. I doubt it will go back to that height though.


Is this faa listing accurate/up to date? I see a lot of 2016 dates on there which would make sense for when they were planning the taller tower.


I don’t believe this particular form is up to date. While I was browsing the evaluation list, the heights were different.






I spy…

Sony Alpha a7 III ILCE‑7M3 by Emil abu Milad, on Flickr


It will be great to see that blank concrete wall go away once this one goes up.



A few more from a few days ago…


A venture planning to develop a soaring condominium tower in Long Island City, Queens, has scored a $502 million construction loan for the 802-apartment project


Crane is up!



Credit: LIC Court


I couldn’t grab a pic because the train was coming but this should be moved to U/C. It’s at least 2 floors above ground now.


Taken 11/2. About 3 stories up in the front, 2 in the back

From 44th Drive

From 44th Road (backside)

Views from the 7 train platform.

Right now it’s just peaking over the elevated platform, but pretty soon it will completely overshadow the station.


Great pics! Been meaning to grab some but been busy. Crazy how Queens is about to get a new tallest.


4 stories up as of 11/23.
From 44th Drive

From 44th Road