NEW YORK | Skyline Tower (23-15 44th Drive) | 778 FT | 66 FLOORS


I couldn’t find a thread for this tower here, but according to FAA proposal submissions from April 4th, this will be the first Supertall (not a solid 1000 feet, but 300 meters) in Queens.

YIMBY Article: 79-Story Tower Planned at 23-15 44th Drive in Long Island City

FAA submission

United Construction & Development Group: Court Square City View Tower

It will contain 660 luxury residential units and 100,000 square feet of
commercial spaces. It’s a 78-story high rise with total square feet of
This project will break ground in 2017.

NEW YORK | Queens Plaza Park (29-55 Northern Blvd) | 751 FT | 63 FLOORS

Taken 6/17

Looks like a lot of cleanup/prep wprk on site Friday. The article above states groundbreaking in 2017, but it could start much sooner since the site will be clear of this debris very shortly.


Great to see equipment on this site. Looks like they are segregating demo materials (waste, brick, concrete, etc) before they begin preliminary work.


The debris seem to have been cleared. Can’t wait for this to rise! LIC is beautiful and with the addition of all these new fabulous skyscrapers it’s going to be much better. All these developments are rising within, literally ten blocks from each other, it’s amazing! For me personally, I’m stuck in between which is more amazing, Hudson Yards or LIC development, both amazing locations and both are getting new and modern towers.


Once this tops off, LIC could easily stand on its own as a skyline that would fit into most medium - large sized American cities. Same goes for Downtown Brooklyn and Jersey City.


Nothing going on today 7/11/16


As of a few weeks ago the site was still clear with no activity. Still need city approval, then it will start I guess.


Mr. Goldstein has retired. Goldstein Hill & West is now Hill & West, and they’ve got new renderings of Cityview Tower on their website.


I like this tower …the crown kinda reminds me of the continental tower down on 6 ave.



Both curbed and 6sqft say work is underway, but here is the site from last Friday. Nothing going on yet… Unless they started this week.


This block is going to be nice. A 900 and 700 footer across the street from one another. And it’s not Manhattan!!


Plus, hopefully another 900+ ft tower 5 min walk across court square at the old clocktower site. Durst has more potential to actually build something there than the previous owner.

Also in my pic above - Tokoyo hotels will build one of the largest hotels in NYC right above the citi and pumpernickel signs. About 1300 rooms planned. 50-60 floors probably.


752ft!? Well that’s a bummer… Should have seen it coming when articles mentioned a drop from 78 to 66 stories… So NY to be disappointed with what will still be a gigantic building by most standards :smiley:


Wow I think I lost all interest in this project as yimby is stating 752 feet. Why have other sources stated 950+???


I’m guessing I shouldn’t care since I knew about this project since literally 2 days ago


DOB proposal disapproved again as of 02/17 but still indicates 963ft. Maybe the FAA issue is still going on and we might never see this design:

Anyway. As of today, zero activity on site:


Height drop confirmed. New diagrams indicate 760ft, L shape might be interesting. Still no activity on site…


Finally some activity! Quick snap from the 7.


Credit: LICCourt