NEW YORK | Ronald O. Perelman Performing Arts Center at the World Trade Center | 130 FT | Demo


Makes no sense because the entire site is on webcam. I always say in some ways we let the terrorist win. We have less freedom and still have holes in the ground.


Wonder what is going on here. They seem to be adding on to that construction elevator for some reason. Wish we had some news on the deal with this thing.


they need to finish the VSC before this can begin. At least 12 months until you see anything going on here for the PAC


Do you know if they are progressing with finishing to VSC through to 1 WTC? I know last I heard everything stopped because of the PA and LMCC fighting over money. Is everything resuming?


Well well what do we have here?? Lots of activity going on here with a new crane back! Looks like construction might be starting back up finally. Look at all the activity over at 1 WTC as well.


Finally! More action at this site! With 3 WTC wrapping up, and 2 WTC’s future lying in limbo, there really isn’t much going on here.


At last! That’s great news!


Yes steel plates going in.

(From Earthcam).



Anyone have a clue as to what they are working on here at the PAC? Looks like some steel was installed against the slurry walls.


So does anyone know what this is that arrived today? Wonder what’s going on here…


Looks like another crane???


its probably the crane to erect the balance of the VSC steel


Yup looks like you were right! Damn this thing is HUGE!


440 ton machine, LR1400. pretty big




So it’s begun now? Steel is being put up now?


I hope this is rising



Yea I can’t tell if this work is for the PAC or the VSC



PAC is a year away at least.