NEW YORK | Ronald O. Perelman Performing Arts Center at the World Trade Center | 130 FT | Demo


One brick of marble on this building is a 3x5 block




I’d say demolition is 85% complete!


From 12/23


From @WTC Progress on Twitter: World Trade Center PATH North Temporary Access Demolition Continues


How much demolition is left?


Not much, they only have to take out another level! I’d say demo is around 85% complete!


Looks like the PAC is entering the final stages of design and conceptual planning. They have a lot of great things lined up for the building when it opens in (hopefully) 2020. I’m going to bet construction will begin by mid next year.


(The Final Design and Construction Boepple said she hopes to see the final design completed in the next few months. “We’re doing value engineering on the design, which means we’re getting further and further towards the design being finished.” Steel for the PAC will begin being erected after the Port Authority completes its seven stories of below-ground work. “And then we take it on up.”) Maggie Boepple


I’d say 90% complete


They are down to B3 currently right? I believe they only have one level left then to remove? Correct me if I am wrong.


What about that little structure next to 1 WTC’s base?


I’m only including the demolition ongoing right now. I don’t know anything about that structure


I’ve heard that’s the temporary loading dock for 1WTC. The permanent loading dock will be located under the Performing Arts Center. So they have to finish demolishing the old temporary PATH station, then build the underground levels (including the new, permanent 1WTC loading dock), then they can demolish the temporary loading dock and start building the PAC.


One & Two WTC little Twin Towers. I hate the stairs, but this view is as before 9/11. And I love this site. <3


They have ripped up most of a small section on Greenwich between the PAC and 2 WTC. Wonder what the deal is there. Hopefully demo is almost done. Time to see the PAC ( 6 WTC in my book) rise!


Great photo, Strong,


Hm. The crane is gone. Anyone know why? Demolition certainly can’t be finished.


Maybe we’ll get a better crane on site to start erecting the tower soon!


Really hope this doesn’t stall the project