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That was pretty fast!
Looks like the whole structure above the street level is gone for good!


Property lines and foundation


Removing the tiles has begun! Then the metal floor sheets, then steel beams


SO, after this is removed, they need to put in the helix for the VSC exit. There is a lot of underground work to do before the PAC will actually start. But this is the last scar from 9/11 in the plaza area.


It is correct to call it the “VSC”, and if so, why? VSC stands for Vehicle Security Center, if I’m not mistaken. That sounds like just the screening complex at the entrance, which means just the building under Liberty Park. It wouldn’t refer to the whole vehicle parking, loading, and dock areas, would it?


Well there will be an exit/entry point for the VSC on the north side of the PAC, as well as the underground connection to 1 WTC, so yes there will be a lot of underground infrastructure work.


I understand that there’s a vehicular ramp and exit under the PAC.

I’m still confused on the “VSC” terminology. VSC stands for Vehicle Security Center, which sounds like a checkpoint only, not all underground vehicle areas. If it included the parking and docks, etc, I’d expect it be called something like Secured Vehicle Area, not Vehicle Security Center.

Is the ramp under the PAC definitely an entrance and exit, or just exit? That’s key, because if it’s also an entrance, then it sounds like there would be a second security checkpoint (a second VSC, if you will) under the PAC, in addition to the one under Liberty Park.


“The World Trade Center Vehicle Security Center and Tour Bus Parking Facility, or simply the Vehicular Security Center (VSC), is a secure complex for truck delivery and underground parking at the World Trade Center.” Wikipedia


Ah. Thank you. A confusing name to me, but I guess that’s what they went with. Thanks again.


Removal of tiles have started on streetlevel


Removal of streetlevel deck has begun


While more metal sheets have been removed, all of the escalators are out of their place now


One year ago from today


2 month timelapse




From WTC Progress on Twitter
PATH North Temporary Access Demolition Continues


Great! Look at the trees changing colors :fallen_leaf::maple_leaf:


The streetlevel beams are almost gone! I’d say demolition is around 35% complete!


The demolition is brought up at the end of this article