NEW YORK | Ronald O. Perelman Performing Arts Center at the World Trade Center | 130 FT | Demo


Photos from inside:


Day 26 (not including weekends because they don’t work on Saturday and Sunday)


Bye bye to the escalators! They are beginning to dismantle them finally. I’m thinking the remainder of the roof will be gone by the end of today too or Monday at the very least.


2 minutes ago


They’re working today for some reason




8 horizontal beams and metal overhangs then the building is gone!





Also, the building is gone!



Say bye bye to the blue construction trailers! Just about another month or two until this thing is completely gone! I can;t wait for the PAC to go up already. This section (as well as Tower 2) is just screaming to be filled up and done already!






I’m guessing they work on Saturdays now!


Removal of that ventilation stack is ongoing


I wish they would also finish the podium cladding on 1 WTC already!


They need a major tenant to occupy that space on the east side of the lobby


Ah… so that’s why it’s still like that.
Glad to know.


That’s not why, it’s because they are waiting on the removal of the temp path station before Skanka can finish building out the VSC connection to 1, which will then allow for the removal of the temp loading dock of 1. Once that temp loading dock is gone, they will be able to finish the east side of the base and plaza.


Oh, well I heard it was a tenant, but what you’ve said makes more sense. When with that loading dock be demolished? Earlier in the year they did take a part of it off


If/when they get another anchor tenant, that will be the main public entrance for that tenant. But it’s currently used for the temporary loading dock, so that’s why it looks the way it does at the moment. Since the whole base is thick, blast-proof concrete, they had to use one of the few openings, and that was it.

I assume the temporary loading dock is still there for essentially the reason weidncol said: The temporary PATH entrance blocked a connection between the underground vehicle areas and the permanent 1WTC loading docks deep underground. And of course the VSC isn’t even finished yet, so those underground vehicle areas aren’t very useful yet anyway.