NEW YORK | Ronald O. Perelman Performing Arts Center at the World Trade Center | 130 FT | Demo


I was trying to figure out where the parking and docks were… it turns out they’re the next two levels down. I found this old (but still roughly accurate) diagram:



Those older plans seem to show “vehicle lifts” between the 1WTC loading docks and street level and/or the PAC. They don’t show the full ramp to the street that’s in the newer plans. I wonder when that was added and why.


They’re in levels b3 and b4

Red is parking and ramps
Blue is roads
Yellow are buildings


Sorry, I meant ramps to street level. Levels B3 and B4 are way underground. The newer drawings that you posted show ramps to street level, while the older plans don’t seem to.


Demo continues…


Nice. Finally. Any ideas on how long it should take for this thing to be gone?


It’s a pretty slow pace so far…


I’m thinking mid November






Floorplans and elevations are to scale


The temp. escalators are now visible. It’s starting to disappear quickly now (thank god). This thing should certainly be gone before the Holiday season.


You can see them better at night!




2 weeks I say it will be gone


Images by Earthcam
September 22nd-October 22nd…one month demolition progress


I found this concept looking deep on Google Images



Look at those escalators!



I’m now saying it will be gone in a week, just the building

Earthcam (edited)