NEW YORK | Ronald O. Perelman Performing Arts Center at the World Trade Center | 130 FT | Demo


Earthcam (enhanced photo by me)
Demolition of the PATH Entrance has started just to the south of 7 World Trade Center to make way for the 130 foot tall marble block, the Ronald O. Perelman Performing Arts Center at the World Trade Center.


Turner Construction


Day 2



Satellite image via Google Maps of the site and the site plan from REX together

Footage estimates according to Google Maps










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Day 5

Roofing is gone except for the steel plates. Also exterior clad and windows are coming down


It doesn’t look any different to me. I see a full roof still in place.


Day 1

Day 5


They removed a dumpster from the roof?


That too, but like I said, they got rid of tiles on the roof an the small antenna


Oh I see. I had to blow it way up to notice, but the roof texture is quite different. They did get rid of a few layers. That wasn’t clear to me without zooming way in.


Yea, plus they have a few chalk lines layer on the small and big roof, I’m expecting cutting be next week


You have a great eye for detail Thomas. I also didnt notice the difference until i zoomed way in. ( also when you said you saw the concrete pour at 125 greenwich. I was like “what!? I dont see anything”. But sure enough it was true.).



Tiles have been removed on the bigger roof and some metal flooring sheets have been removed on the smaller roof


I think The Perelman will actually start earlier!


I found the square footage of all 4 floors!
1st/ground floor: 33,773 SQFT
2nd floor: 32,164 SQFT
3rd floor: 25,921 SQFT
4th floor: 25,921 SQFT
Total: 117,779 SQFT


Hey @rbrome , remember what you said about the exits of the VSC, I found a few plans!

The first and second images are the same




Great finds, Thomas!
Those plans are cool!


It’s such an insanely complicated site… there’s so much going on below grade that fits together like an intricate puzzle. These are just three levels… it goes deeper!