NEW YORK | Ronald O. Perelman Performing Arts Center at the World Trade Center | 130 FT | Demo



Plans from


Also, I forgot to put this on the forum today. There is a camera from Earthcam of the site:


You know what? I expected that old render or some giant structure with lots of details.
But this is beyond what I have imagined! And I really liked it! I found it a cool design!
And still, I’m hoping that it gets prettier when built into our world of reality in Manhattan!

I’m so glad for this news to have finally arrived and now, I have to draw plans for my Lego model! ^^


I like your suggestion. The roof can be more than just that.


To be honest, this is what I was expecting…


I don’t think this building actually took 10 months to develop…2 World Trade Center only took 3 months


…the center will sit atop the vehicular access port for the World Trade Center.

Huh. The main “Vehicle Security Center” is the building under Liberty Park, no? That’s at the other end of the plaza. So is this going to be an exit to match that entrance, or a separate entrance for 1 & 2 WTC?


The vehiclar security center is the building under Liberty Park, but it also runs under Greenwich Street, parking lots under the Transportation Hub, then exits/enters the ROPPAC


Ah. Thank you.

Does that mean none of the underground vehicular stuff will open until they finish demolishing the old PATH entrance and build this exit podium thing, or will vehicles be able to exit via the Liberty Park building in the interim?


Yes, but not the PAC site




This link has a nice video (although the Tower 3’s facade won’t have those “Xs” anymore and I believe DBOX make renders better than the K18 in my opinion)!


I think this one has a better resolution ^^

Furthermore, here’s a link.


Niget render edited by me


Pretty good, Thomas!


I like it! Much better than Gehry’s design.




I made a gif from the video to highlight the glossiness that this will have (check out the reflection)


Container on the roof for scrap