NEW YORK | Ronald O. Perelman Performing Arts Center at the World Trade Center | 130 FT | Demo


Ok, I love this thing, but now I can’t unsee Deep Thought from Hitchhiker’s Guide in that first pic:


Do you guys think this will age well?

Also, the renderings show a shade of concrete that looks well now but not sure how close to reality it will be.


I think the exterior will look good in the daytime as well, I posted this two years ago:

“I made a gif from the video to highlight the glossiness that this will have (check out the reflection)”


Windowless is often dull, but I have faith in this project because the materials and design seem opulent and futuristic in a cool way


Theaters and performance spaces are typically windowless, or mostly windowless. I don’t see the issue.


I’m a little confused. Are the staircase/elevator leading to the 1 train going to be enclosed within the building, or are they separate structures that will be directly adjacent to the PAC?


You know, I still don’t understand why that WTC complex already new is One, Two, Three, Four and Seven complex but why not this should be name WTC 6: Ronald O. Perelman Performing Art Center? because it won’t make sense to me that before the twin towers complex perfect for complex number not skip like (1,2,3,4,5,6).


Has this stalled again?


Just the steel work has paused for now. They have had several large concrete pours for the bottom most levels the last few weeks and they have been working on the area around the elevator down to the 1 station. I believe most of if not all the steel work we currently see is it for the VSC portion of the sit. Any more steel we see go up in the future should officially be for the PAC.

Edit: Wrong on my steel prediction!


they is still considerable steel to be completed for the VSC. It will continue into the spring, followed by extensive concrete work to encase all of the steel.

PAC will not start until middle of 2019


Thanks for the correction! I was totally off! I can’t wait for it to really take shape.


there is actually steel installed that needs to come out and be modified in order to support the PAC. There is still a long road to go.


REX came up with a very good design in all. I could go on and on about the various aspects. Don’t be surprised if the New York Philharmonic features regular concert series here as just one example. This structure will be far better looking than David Geffen Hall.

The only thing I would like to see change is an increase in the seating capacity when all three potential spaces are combined. As it stands now, the maximum total seating capacity is 1,200, which is well below the more than 2,700 seating capacity of David Geffen Hall.

Does anyone know more about the sculpture garden that will be located in between the PAC and 1 WTC?


Well looks like that is happening today. Do you know how much steel needs to come out? I guess they placed this steel without realizing it would not support the load from the PAC?


The PAC was an afterthought at the time the WBVA was conceived. The PAC design process is ongoing, so information comes piecemeal


Thanks JRF for the info!

Would you happen to know when work for the PAC will begin? Or maybe the better question might be, do you know when the VSC work will be complete?


Concrete work really picking up… they’re going through tons of these trucks every day


the pump was there almost every day this week.

I think i agree, they seems to be starting to ramp up the concrete work, of which there is a LOT in the WBVA.


Construction cost now cover 82%