NEW YORK | Ronald O. Perelman Performing Arts Center at the World Trade Center | 130 FT | Demo


Ahh thanks for the explanation. I haven’t been to the museum. I honestly don’t think I can handle it. I still tear up watching 9/11 footage.


I completely understand. Took me a while before I finally made it in. Spent about 4 hours in there. It definitely takes its toll.


Glass installation underway for the elevator? Can’t tell, but it’s something…


Definitely seems they are enclosing this with glass…


Lots of progress on the elevator and staircase from the PAC. I’m very puzzled as to how people are to access this surrounded by heavy construction the next couple of years…


I’m guessing a pathway will be bounded by those concrete barriers seen to left of lift.And maybe all or almost all the heavy steel work has been done.


The exit from the elevator can be seen here directly to the right of the rendering.


Hey there, i’m new here and i’m super excited about the progress being made on this building. Has anyone ever seen the Yale rare books library building? I’m pretty sure this will end up looking similar. I love how this building interacts with the fountains from a design perspective. Super clever and kinda looks like a big bath plug.


Yeah I think it will turn out nice. Excited to see the marble and how it lets light in (and I guess out). REX is pretty solid so I have faith.

I’ll just be glad another part of the complex will be complete.

Also, welcome to the forums!


Yea me to, I think how the building lights up at night will be the true test of how great this building could be. I wish that they could have found some way to light up the base though so the whole cube was illuminated (oh well).

And thanks for the welcome, seems like these threads are full of interesting conversations.