NEW YORK | Ronald O. Perelman Performing Arts Center at the World Trade Center | 130 FT | Demo


I’m guessing this for the elevator down to the 1 train…


Nice to see the crane finally in use again…
Steel hasn’t been going on for a while, just some concrete pouring


Indeed! They have been working on a lot of the underground work lately. Probably trying to take care of all the VSC work before the main PAC structure starts up. Speaking of steel…more has just arrived! Crane coming back in action!


Just wondering will there be an entrance to the 1 Train from street level? Thanks :slight_smile:


Sure will! There are a total of 4 entrances from Street level at the WTC if I’m not mistaken. 2 are in front of 4 WTC on the memorial side and the other two will be somewhere in this area that I circled.


The “new” station is supposed to be open by 9/11 according to the guys working on it.


Is construction of the station ahead of schedule? CurbedNY reported in the spring that Cortlandt Street station would open in October. Very nice if they can open earlier of course.


Construction ahead of schedule? At the World Trade Center??


Crane back in full swing with lots of new steel placed today.

From EarthCam:


Excellent progress with steel the last two days. After virtually none being placed the last month and a half they came back with a bang. You can kind of start to see the outline of the where the building will be. can’t wait for the structure to take shape above ground in the new year…


I thought the PAC was still looking for financing?


The last report I read stated they had 82% of the building financed. I’m assuming they have some plan in motion to take care of the rest before above ground construction is set to start in the new year.


Good to know, thanks