NEW YORK | Ronald O. Perelman Performing Arts Center at the World Trade Center | 130 FT | Demo


Ditto! Excited for this project to take shape. I’ll be thrilled when I don’t feel bottle-necked walking along Vesey.


Did I miss something??? I thought this was on hold again


Work started back up again in January(?) after worked stopped for a few weeks in December


Decent progress today on the helix. You can now really start to see it take shape just from the few pieces of steel installed today.


Large piece installed today and another decent size delivery of more steel:


Lots of steel progress has been happening the last two weeks. They are finally picking up the pace at a steady rate.

From Earthcam today:

I am a little confused on how they are building this helix. As you can see they have installed the top most sections of steel, but what about the middle portion here? (circled) I don’t see how they will be able to install the steel in this section…anyone with knowledge know this?


It’s well above street level, so the VSC part (as opposed to the PAC) may be done sooner rather than later.




My borfriend got to go to 4WTC today and snapped a few pics for me


Want this complex finished badly. It’s torture.


We can’t wait for 2WTC any longer, we’ve all grown tired of the greek church never finishing, nobody even knows if the Vehicle Security Center is a real thing…Our only hope is this beautiful Performing Arts Center!


Lol @ the VSC. Sadly though this is all true. It’s depressing how much of a joke the development turned into. I will always say that this should have been built on spec. Money was clearly no issue. Should have never been leased to Silverstein who probably couldn’t have maintained the Twins/buildings 4/5 anyway and has clearly NEVER been capable of rebuilding the complex as he was obligated to do.


He’s pretty small potatoes as far as nyc real estate. At a certain point it was already too late, but he should have traded his lease to a big player early on…
Other guys have that sort of liquidity but not him. Most of his dev money is lent by the PA which in turn issues bonds to cover it.
I’ll always stand by my argument that even with all these disappointments, it is a pretty magnificent place to see every day. I’ve learned to be grateful


Bay Crane is POSSIBLY leaving. Big job getting the monster out of there this morning. I could be wrong but I think they are moving it over to the South side to finish the steel erection. They have stored sections of the crane over by the Oculus and 2 WTC:

via Earthcam:


So they moved the Bay Crane to the south side of the PAC/VSC construction like I figured. WHY is this thing so huge now?! That crane extension looks LONG standing up. I’m guessing they need it that long so they can complete all steel erection from basically one spot since it’s such a limited amount of space to work in.


so they can reach out into the hole.

more capacity with a jib than a straight boom.


Was thinking that. Since there isn’t much space to work in this is definitely the easiest way.



Does anyone know if work stopped on this project again? Looking at the web cam, I haven’t seen any workers onsite for a few weeks.


There has been quite a lot of progress in the past few weeks on the memorial side from what I’ve seen on the cam.