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Anyone notice steel erection seems to have stopped at the VSC/PAC as well? I hope funding is not an issue (again) here as well…sigh. I hope I live to see a completed new WTC.


Ugh. Literally no work being done here. I don;t understand. Anyone have ANY clue whats going on here?


I may be in the minority, but I’d love to see a park there.


at this point i agree with you robert. I was psyched for the PAC but the financial and operational hold ups on this campus are getting ridiculous. Throw down some sod and plant a few trees and it’ll be a lovely green space


100% Agree




Yep! Still a hole in the ground!



From Earthcam: What are those construction lights for? The 1 train stop underneath? Or work on the PAC?


Crane is back in action. New piece of steel on site. Work has once AGAIN resumed at the PAC/VSC! Praise the lawd.


Probably a dumb question but I am assuming what they are laying on top of the steel is metal decking? I know the VSC will go one floor above this and then the PAC will sit on top of that, but I just was not sure lol. Can anyone clarify?

P.S. Hearing the 1 train may be delayed again into 2019. The P.A.'s snail paced construction on this project is hampering the MTA from completing the street egress staircase and ADA elevators that sit at the Northern end of the southbound platform which runs right through this project. The target date is still this coming December however that is only if the contractor increases productivity by 100%. AKA don;t expect the 1 train stop to open until sometime next year. Surprise, surprise. I’m going to be dead before the new complex is completed in its entirety.


all of those deck plates are for blast resistence. they had these at the south VSC entrance as well.


Thank you!!


Well work seems to have slowed down to a snails pace…yet again. Anyone have any ideas what the hold up is here? No new steel delivery in weeks. South side of the plot hasn’t seen any steel rise or activity in months.

Today from Earthcam:


I mainly wonder why the steel work is shaped in such a bizarre way. Seems ridiculous and overcomplicated, and I can hardly see how trucks will be able to drive through the corridors those beams form


LMDC and the PA have finally come to an agreement on what to do with this. The VSC below ground work is expected to be complete by the end of the year, with above ground work expected to follow soon after.


So the PAC is using some of its funding ($48 million) to pay for the underground construction of the VSC. Looks like they’ve been busy behind the scenes trying to get money for the project. Already raised $295 million of the needed $363 million. Expected completion date of 2020 but let’s see how long until it gets pushed back lol.


The site is buzzing with the most activity in months this morning. Lots of new steel has arrived!

via: EarthCam:


Good stuff. Glad to see this moving again