NEW YORK | Ronald O. Perelman Performing Arts Center at the World Trade Center | 130 FT | Demo


A year away from starting or finishing?


Think he means a year away from beginning work on the PAC while they finalize things with the VSC




First new piece of steel is erected for the VSC part of the project! Here we go!


What is VSC?


Vehicular Security Center


My best guess is that it’s a parking garage for the people who work there


For workers and tourists/tour busses. Some parking is even right under the Oculus!


Must be pretty loud when the trains come in?


more steel. from earthcam


As you can see construction is well under way for the Performing Arts Centre with steel being brought on site


I’m not sure if there’s actually any parking for regular employees in the WTC complex. But there are a lot of underground loading docks, and parking for busses and other official vehicles.

Under the PAC will be loading docks and a spiral ramp that goes up to street level. That’s what they’re building now. I think the street-level part may be just an exit (the main entrance being under Liberty Park). The docks will be the permanent main loading docks for 1WTC, which will replace the temporary building currently extending from the east side of 1WTC.

Because the ramp goes up to street level, they won’t technically be building the PAC until well after this is above ground.


thats not correct.

this is VSC steel.


Oh opps


However, once the VSC is done, we can finally have our Performing Arts Center!


Scroll up. This has been covered several times.




Steel is approaching street level now.