NEW YORK | Plaxall Anable Basin Rezoning


Plaxall Company has proposed a rezoning of the area around Anable Basin to spur future development. If approved, Plaxall will seek out developers to realize this plan, with a 695’ apartment tower on one of the subparcels.



I used to live close by to this. We will see if that tower will reach full height though with the FAA…

Although I guess it is only about 50 feet taller than the Citi building.


“I think people will come out and say that’s too much,” said Diane Hendry, a spokeswoman for the LIC Coalition, a nonprofit that formed last year to fight overdevelopment in the neighborhood. Ms. Hendry, 58, a 29-year resident of the area and an artist, calls the family members from Plaxall Realty, the company behind the plan, “fabulous.”

“But that doesn’t mean they should have the biggest, grandest development,” she added.

If you disagree, you need to come out and say “that’s not too much” at community meetings on this rezoning.


Whether or not it’s watered down depends on public input. I’m pessimistic…these sorts of plans usually are watered down in New York. The councilman that controls this district, Jimmy Van Bramer, killed a 100% affordable building with 210 affordable units that was much smaller than this (only 9 stories). Van Bramer listens to NIMBYs.

The best way to ensure that it won’t get watered down too much is to vocally support this proposal, especially if you live in LIC/Astoria.

Find your council district using this widget:

If you live in District 26, then you must call your council representative, Jimmy Van Bramer, and tell him you are a resident of his district (provide your address) and support this project because it provides the city with a school and over a thousand units of affordable housing and that you urge him to support it too. If this project gets watered down, that means that fewer units of affordable housing will be built.

His phone number is 718-383-9566 and his email is [email protected].


Those renderings are pretty flattering to the East River, I don’t think it will have the charm of the Riverwalk even with good intentions…I’m curious if the basin is prone to garbage from the river channeling in there? That said, this would be a big deal but will take quite some time - I know a lot of those lots are occupied w/ active businesses so they’d all have to leave - The large building on the right on the last picture is a 6 or 7 floor Dpt of Education building that is an eyesore, it’s just massive and does not meet the street in a friendly way - It has HUGE floors and is fully occupied with DOE employees at the moment but it would be cool if the city could somehow sell that. I’d like to see it knocked down one day…


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HQ2 will include Plaxall’s and TF Cornerstone’s properties.