NEW YORK | Penn Station


Standing at 12 stories at 100 W. 33rd St. in the Penn Station district, the asset encompasses 850,000 square feet of office space and the roughly 250,000-square-foot Manhattan Mall. The property is well leased, buoyed by an ever-growing commitment from its office tenant.

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Rebuilding Penn is a colosssal job that requires the political acumen of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Andrea Stewart-Cousins.

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Slightly less colossal with Dolan out the picture – dare to dream, fellas!


I like revisiting this proposal to strip MSG and preserve the suspended roof.


Penns station is scary, ha.

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Already started:




Oh great. Anything that ‘brightens’ that dungeon is a good thing.


I hope they redesign the station bathrooms. Penn Station bathrooms are a trip, either in the NY or Newark stations. Always some odd, sometimes comical stuff happening in those restrooms.

Worst part is sometimes they have a fan blowing in there, and the rich smell of musky urine is in the air like a hot, humid Houston day. There is no adequate ventilation in those bathrooms.

Penn Station in its current form is a disgrace.


This is what I just do not understand.

You literally have all of that space outlined in red that can be developed (hell build the worlds tallest building there for all I care)

It’s time to tear down Penn station and design a completely new, world class transportation hub.

Enough with these piecemeal design solutions. This is a prime example f when I’m 100% in favor of eminent domain.

Enough with allowing these property developers to stalling because they are trying to maximize their profit. This is something that needs to happen for the good of the city.

I don’t care what land you take from the handful of property developers. Enough is enough.

These projects are just lipstick on a pig.

“Make no small plans” Daniel Burnium


Red indicates low rise crappy property that can be developed. Green is where the new world class transportation hub would go.

The city needs to work with developers to make this happen.

That or take the land and give it to a company willing to make this happen.

Hell, give them 50 years of zero taxes for all I care.

Just make this happen. The fact that property developers are not doing this on their own is ridiculous.


this looks completely silly. It won’t age well. This entrance only sets up visitors and commuters for a massive disappointment. It’s a promise of a modern, clean facility (think: WTC Oculus) which is a blatant lie.


It’s lipstick on a pig. 100%


Totally agree. Penn Station is one of the most important pieces of public infrastructure in the country and needs to be treated as such. MSG needs to go ASAP so a proper station with capacity for the next hundred years can be built.

I would argue a combination of eminent domain and an SF Transbay district-style funding model would be appropriate here. The city or state should buy out the lots you highlighted, then turn them around to developers and say: submit your bids to redevelop each of these parcels with unlimited FAR (and whatever tax incentives are necessary to make the parcels too good to resist), and we’ll use the purchase price from each new mega-tower to fund a state of the art station facility.



I say let the city take over the lots they think are viable for a project this scale and just make all development on those sites tax free.

Zero income taxes for the workers, zero property taxes for 50 years, etc…

Make it as cheap as you can, that way developers will actually build something world class that will last 100 years and not some short term value engineered money grab.

The city needs to incentivize the hell out of it just so we end up with something worth the effort.

That’s some of the most prime land in the city. There is no chance world class, class A commercial (and maybe residential) properties would struggle in that location.

I bet you $100 though that the Hudson yards developers have/will buy off politicians to not let this happen though. This would kill the viability for their commercial properties a couple blocks over.


There’s a big glitch in such grand incentive plans. MSG has to go someplace even if we all agree that the present arena is a kludge. Where do you folks plan to put it, let alone finance it? I’m all eyes to see your suggestions. I


Not the city’s problem, tbh. The Dolans are leasing the land, and the lease is coming up. It’s not like they’re ever going to move the Knicks out of New York; let them find a new home themselves.


Yea but the politicians will end up prostituting themselves at the last minute for some campaign donations. That’s the nature of American democracy now. I want to see Dolan destitute, the knicks sold or move and a bold new penn station built where the garden is now but I’m not holding my breath for any of those things


I think forgetting MSG is a political non-starter. May be great policy but I don’t see it as workable.

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