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I’m still confused about what they’re planning for NJ transit. All the articles about Moynihan Hall have referenced LIRR, Amtrack and the subway lines but nothing regarding NJ trains


This project is being driven by Cuomo. He couldn’t care less about NJ-anything.

But there are aspects of both the current Penn layout and the planned Gateway program that relegate NJT to the southern platforms, and the eastern section of the station. So any westward expansion (Farley / Moynihan) was never going to include NJT.

When they build all of Gateway, it will ideally include Penn Station South, which will expand the whole station one block south, including new platforms. That will address NJT capacity at Penn.


Thanks for the info rbrome!


Moynihan Station Project by brian kusler, on Flickr



All us NJ transit riders looking at LIRR’s new diggs from our shitty entrance…


Penn Station’s Moynihan Train Hall begins construction

The conversion of the James A. Farley Post Office building, across from Penn Station, into the new Moynihan Train Hall, is officially underway, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Thursday afternoon.

Demolition work at the post office building got underway in September 2016, but the site has now been prepped for the new train hall which will measure 255,000 square feet, come with a 92-foot-tall skylight, and have nine platforms and 17 tracks serviced by eleven escalators and seven elevators

…The vibrant retail he’s referring to will be part of 700,000 square feet of commercial, retail, and dining venues inside the transformed Farley building. Once complete, the new Moynihan Train Hall will provide a direct connection to the Eight Avenue Subway, and for the first time ever, a new entrance to the overall Penn-Farley complex on Ninth Avenue.

Construction on the new train hall is set to wrap by 2020.

Some New Renderings

From 9th Ave


That last render made me wet my pants
In a good way


“wouldn’t it be nice…” - JDS, probably. Interesting that they included a revamped MSG in the vision rather than using it for the station.


Here’s direct link to the RFP (pdf). I love it!


Yeah I read through that. Some great info in there that works around MSG staying where it’s at.



that whole proposal is like a variation of the same render for 150 pages, and for good reason (that they are being vague),
aside from the pretty entrances, it’s still gonna be the same claustrophobic rat maze in there because no matter how you slice this you can’t get away from the fact MSG is still squatting all over this thing like it has for the past 60 years

the only way forward is the Vishaan Chakrabarti approach


I haven’t read this.

Are they looking to do the 33rd St side of MSG in addition to the 8th Ave entrance in all proposals or just JDS’. It would be nice to cover up as much of MSG as possible since it’s so ugly.

I find it mind boggling that the Dolans are so protective of the worst arena in professional sports.


I think they saw the Cuomo proposal saying these three options are on the table, and JDS said why not ALL three. The Dolans don’t want to leave the Garden, the USPS doesn’t want to leave the Morgan Building so this works the best in my Opinion As for Penn still being a warren is more relevant to the disorganization of the place and how there is no centralized management or design of the joint.





Well yes and no. Many proposals call for ripping out the theater below the arena, which could create a lot of space for a larger station with higher ceilings and more natural light.




Could this be the dream we’ve all been waiting for?


Hope Old Penn will be rebuilt in the near future.


Cuomo is building a resume for 2020.