NEW YORK | One World Trade Center | 1,776 FT (spire) / 1,368 FT (parapet) | 104 FLOORS


The decision not to rebuild on the prior site makes some sense. The impressive quality of the memorial pools makes that clear to me. And the original WTC up on a boring podium wiped out a large chunk of downtown’s street grid. It made that part of the city aloof and unworkable as a vibrant urban environment. So something, in my mind, need to be done differently. Whether the powers that be got it right is up for grabs. Much of the street grid is back but not vehicle accessible, security is tight (too tight?), and 1WTC is almost as aloof as the prior incarnation. So I think it’s a mixed bag both urban planning and architecturally speaking. But I think it is better now overall than before.


Depending on the vantage point, 1WTC sometimes takes the silhouette of its predecessor. I think that’s when it has its largest presence. At other vantage points, the obelisk features make it appear deceivingly smaller.

Also, I think what added to the presence of the Twins was well… there was 2 of them. REALLY close to each other. I think we may recapture some of that presence when 2WTC is built since it is also close to 1WTC… but only if it’s built to 1360’ and not 1280’ (which is likely).


Yes as far as the new complex it is a lot more pedestrian friendly and the memorial is wonderful. I remember having to hold on for dear life at times when the wind would whip through the old plaza. I never really cared for that, but as a whole I much more prefer the original complex. Maybe because I spent much of my life there. The new complex is really nice. 1, 3, 4 and 7 WTC are handsome towers. They had all the right ideas with the new master plan (aside from the hideous early 1 WTC proposals) but to re create the street grid only to keep it closed to traffic makes absolutely no sense.


Yes I agree…the fact that there were two of them most definitely made that impact even greater, but they were also just HUGE buildings overall individually. 1 WTC definitely has a strong resemblance to the North Tower from N/S/E/W but the smaller floor plans as the building gets higher kills it for me personally. I hope you’re right with 2 WTC.


The limited street access is, sadly, a function of the new realities confronting the U.S. and many other countries the world over. There is a need to blanket the area with heavy, visible security and overpowering firepower such that any potential attacker knows it will only result in them being shot on sight. This is not a PC post and I apologize for the crude language. Walking by the memorial makes me want to lead a protest march right up to the front door of the Saudi consulate, the ones who got away with it and the reason we are still discussing the rebuilding effort all these years after.


I liked the 2006 and 2011 redesign, but I’m completely fine with how it is now. I personally like the box base more than the one with the triangular cuts on each corner


I caught people climbing the spire


Is the rotating beacon at the top of the spire a thing of the past?


I get the sense that Durst just dgaf about the spire on this building. He seems to take better care of the spires on his 4TS and 1BP buildings.


There was a period of low cloud cover this afternoon and at times, the clouds concealed the entire spire. I took a pic where you can see just a “stub” of the antenna. Really neat to consider what this building would look like w/out the spire! This is an unedited picture taken from an old iphone:


They’re dropping cables to use these temporary systems again… whenever it seems like they’ll have a better looking solution they use this stuff again. Maybe they’ll get off some more grime though


Yeah I’m not sure what the deal is with the new BMU. I’m wondering if what we thought were the new ones are actually units repairing the track for the new system? And what is washing the observatory windows? They removed the temporary rig on the roof that was cleaning those levels. Surely the windows are dirty by now. Nobody is gonna pay $34 to look through dirty ass windows. We need the FULL tower cleaned and new BMU!! It’s a fu**ing 4 billion dollar tower!!!



Saw these all around 1WTC — interestingly no visible work though…


Looks like some work is happening where the eventual East Plaza will be.


Question: Why is this stealwork so complex? Isn’t just a garage?


It was similarly complex for the liberty street entrance… they build these bomb proof spiraling ramps that go down REALLY deep underground… they also have to dodge all sorts of utilities, train tunnels & equipment, and leave spaces for supports to be placed for structures above…
This ain’t your average parking garage


I think you might have been right that those mystery contraptions were not actual BMUs… there is now something being assembled on the west side of the roof that has a much larger size similar to the original tractel system they removed


Definitely! Those units we believed were the new BMU I now have no doubt we’re constructing the actual new units. Take a look at this. Not the best picture but you can see two new large units on either side…about the same size are the original ones up there. I’m thinking these will be ready for use for spring.


There are varied views on how this building turned out…but I think we can all agree that it will be nice to have a shiny (and uniform) building and not One World Streak Center.