NEW YORK | One World Trade Center | 1,776 FT (spire) / 1,368 FT (parapet) | 104 FLOORS



That’s insane.


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ah yes, the originally envisioned 1 WTC with a joint as a spire and a Chinese take-out box for a base.



What’s your opinion on the memorials?


That was my favorite design for the spire. Would have been exceptional.


I believe the base was bound to be oddly-shaped given the Port Authority’s insistence on adequate protection in the event a large bomb was parked outside.


it’s a far greater public space than the old plaza.


That may be, but I’m curious what you think of the memorials themselves? I was told that some people took issue with a memorial featuring water flowing down into the ground. For my part, I will say that the memorial does not have the kind of profound emotional impact that, for instance, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial does.


The original design for the base was far more graceful than the box it sits on now. All the value engineering done on this site just makes me sad. I think the memorial is the only part of the site that turned out very nicely, in terms of the detailing.


I find the annual Tribute in Light to carry more meaning. That I believe is set up atop the Battery Parking Garage. I wonder if it would be possible to incorporate something like that on a permanent basis within the memorial itself, obviously on a reduced scale.


I found them to be quite impactful. The individual spindles of water reminded me of the trident columns at the base of the Twins. The sound of the flowing water is not too loud in the context of the city and, in my opinion, allows for a more reflective experience than the noise of idle chatter or worse, dead quiet.


Well put, thanks for sharing that.


I agree. I liked the chinese takeout box lol. I think it was pretty cool and more impactful.


One of the issues with comparing the Vietnam memorial to the September 11th memorial is the wtc is still an active urban neighborhood. There are thousands of men and women working and living in the area so the district still has a feeling of normalcy (which I think is good because it shows the place couldn’t be stopped). The Vietnam Memorial is in a relatively quiet corner of the national mall


I’m always confronted by that fact. You make a good point about the sense of normalcy and, I would add, solace this creates.


I personally think there could not have been a better design for the memorial than what is there right now. They’re very beautiful and I especially love how they are lit at night.

As for 1 WTC, I can’t help but see that building as a missed opportunity for something truly grand. It just doesn’t command the presence the old trade towers had.


1 WTC is a stunning tower but you’re exactly right, it does not command the same presence as the twins. Which is why they should have been rebuilt with the obvious modern upgrades. I’ll never understand why they didn’t. Most of us wanted them back, including many of the families.