NEW YORK | One World Trade Center | 1,776 FT (spire) / 1,368 FT (parapet) | 104 FLOORS


I can guess at what “alien looking work lights” might mean.

I don’t think they are “work lights” at all, but rather the standard RGB LED food illumination for the spire. The set of lights aimed at the bottom section of the spire have been tuned to cooler colors ever since two years ago, when the spire was lit in orange, and — together with steam rising from the HVAC system on the roof — it made the tower to appear to be on fire. 911 was flooded with calls about it.

So now they always make the bottom section of the spire a weird blue or green color so no one will mistake the illuminated steam for a fire and smoke.

It’s extremely dumb and looks stupid. The problem is legitimate, but there are vastly better ways to fix it.


I guess I meant the unoccupied floors in the building. They have temporary lighting that stands out at night and makes it easily apparent that the floor is empty.


I don’t understand why they don’t turn them off. I could understand if a future tenant is working on their space to move into, but if nothing is going on someone should just turn them off.


Oooooh. Right. Sorry! :flushed:

Yes, that’s such an obvious, terrible waste of energy. Whatever LEED certification they have should be automatically revoked for that alone.


Hmmm. Something big popped up on the rings (top left corner) and it looks like some sort of window washing) boom where this new contraption is protruding out of? I wonder if this is finally the reconstruction/repairing of the window washing rigs. I sure hope. That or it’s more equipment/dishes for broadcasting.


I’ve been watching this thing too… from a distance it certainly looks like the old rigs did

Only time will tell I guess


The new pieces on the top left actually look more like broadcasting equipment now that I’m looking harder. However, the new protruding section appears to be some sort of rig that could very well be installing new window washing equipment. The area I circled looks just like the boom that was up there originally. It better be. It’s the perfect time to fix it with summer here. A 4 billion dollar tower should not be using a damn makeshift rig that can only clean half the tower…



It would be so much easier to figure out what was going on if l could get a view from a higher elevation

Also just noticed that the rig in question moved from photo to photo… hopefully that means it is a mechanized BMU

Just my cell phone but the contraption is visible from up north


This shows an object clearly on the BMU track
(Credit: backfromthefuture2 instagram)


Nice find! It has to be the workings of new rigs. I can’t imagine what else it could be…


Are these BMU’s going to be the same ones they had on the rail before?


Looks like it…look at these new pieces. No doubt in my mind this is what it is now…the boom looks just like the one that was up there originally before they took it down.


2 new booms for the new BMU? Hard to tell but it certainly looks like it. It would be fantastic if this is finally being taken care of.


I’ve been keeping an eye out for some good aerial photos to see what’s up…
It’s so hard to see up there from ground.
What I did notice in some photos was that they’re building some sort of framework/scaffold in the corners of the roof which reminds me of what they used to disassemble the old units


Two clear rigs mounted on the ring…
But I’m confused as to how this is gonna work— the booms are not long enough to reach from the ring out over the corners of the building…


I’m thinking the booms may be able to extend out and we just can’t tell. From the earthcam it looks close enough to be able to. I guess we’ll see. This whole new rig process has been a long and confusing one.


I think the earthcam is a bit of an visual trick-- this is what the booms look like from the air.
They’re really short and really thin… perhaps just placeholders for the final product?
The old telescoping booms were really large


Hmm. Very strange. I haven’t the slightest idea what they are doing with the BMU. If you look on Earthcam it appears one of them have moved. Unless this has absolutely nothing to do with the BMU…though I can’t imagine what else they would be for. Maybe to construct the new ones? I wish we had more info on this. They have been out of commission since 2015, this needs to be done already and before the winter comes. A 4 billion dollar tower should be freaking clean as a whistle.


I don’t think whatever those things are can be the finished product, since the old ones were much, much larger, but I would think their presence on the rail means they’re definitely some part of a new system.
Way back in the Conde articles they said they wanted to do it before the end of 2018.
Right now all the stuff below the sky lobby is clean, they just need to do the top half

I found this photo on insta (user captiv_8)… the contraptions are visible in pretty high def on the right

Also, these replacements better be better than the original ones… if they have to go through all this headache it should at least be improved, not some cheap hack job


There’s something new and pretty large up there but the EarthCam is down so all I have is any cell phone