NEW YORK | One World Trade Center | 1,776 FT (spire) / 1,368 FT (parapet) | 104 FLOORS


Oh the neighborhood groups were not happy when this plan was announced. It is kind of silly to restore a street grid without actually opening the streets. With most authorized traffic going directly to/from the VSC anyway, it’s not even clear who will drive on most of these “streets”.

In the end, I’m actually quite happy with it, because this whole area will effectively be one big pedestrian zone. FiDi would benefit from a lot more car-free streets. In any other major world city, a historic district with narrow winding roads — like most of FiDi — would be car-free or at least very limited-access (authorized delivery vehicles only, etc.) I’ve been all over Europe, and when this is done, it works well. It’s frustrating that NYC is still so stubbornly car-oriented when most residents don’t even own a car.


Photo credit to nyonair insta
Finally, somethings going on on the BMU track on this tower.
EDIT: seems small but it might be a component of an assembly for a new machine


About time! Looks like they may finally be repairing the lower ring track that holds the rigs and such. Wonder how long it will take.

P.S. where are our Earthcams?! They have been down since last Thursday :frowning:




All cams (except Memorial/Liberty Park view) have been down since May 3.



East entrance finally starting to reveal itself. Should be accessible in another two years lol


Do you know what the east entrance will connect to? (observatory, Westfield mall, offices?) Thanks


Speaking about that entrance, I spotted this render on One World Trade Center’s site


My guess is mall via basement Westfield observatory stairwell, indirect access to observatory via basement level Westfield entrance, and offices through standard turnstiles


no need to be so cynical. They never complete anything ahead of time at the WTC so they probably mean to dismantle some of that loading dock soon and establish some sort of thin walkway to that entrance for the time being. The reason it exists at all is in case they get an anchor tenant for the upper section



It’s a joke lol. Given how things usually take a lifetime to complete and open at the Trade Center. I’m pleasantly surprised this is even being done at this time. The entrance originally was intended for the restaurant when Windows II were in the plans. This is just another office entry. To my knowledge this won’t be accessible to the general public, just the West St. entrance is.


is it just me or will the east side entrance get little to no amount of light in the morning when the performing arts center is built and complete to its full height? It closeness between the buildings would be like walking in between the North Tower & The Marriott hotel and how narrow of a space it was when going up that staircase from the street level to Austin J. Tobin plaza, what do you think?


Hmm…the steel you see that’s one story above ground is as close as the PAC is going to be to 1 WTC, so there is a pretty decent space between the two. Also the PAC is angled facing towards 3/4 WTC rather than straight forward (as shown in the image below) so I’m thinking that will allow more sunlight to shine through. That’s my guess anyway. We’ll have to wait and see when it begins to take shape over the next year or so.


One is looking clean these days


I like when the buildings reflect off each other. I do think the positions and shapes are purposeful in achieving this quality. I think BIG’s 2WTC would actually do a good job of being a “mirror” and creating the illusion of twins at the right angle.

One is absorbing some of 3’s cross-bracing here:




They are doing some weird construction on the rings. There is something sticking out from the top and middle rings but I can’t make out what they are…: