NEW YORK | One World Trade Center | 1,776 FT (spire) / 1,368 FT (parapet) | 104 FLOORS


Honestly, the tackiest thing lighting-wise is that the podium, mechanical, and spire all light up at different temperatures of white. Why they didn’t make the effort to match these closer is beyond me.


Personally I think the tower looks better with the podium lights off and with some of the mechanical strips out. Makes it look more like occupied floors.


Candy canes on podium lighting tonight.




Tonight it’s Christmas trees… is there a schedule for this some where?



Nice shot, JC


olY/324 … WTC! by m_laRs_k, on Flickr


Yeah I know it’s kinda tacky. But honestly, I’m kinda glad the tower is somewhat trying to integrate itself a bit.


Where 1 WTC (America’s tallest) for now, stands among its super/mega tall peers.

Credit: Emporis


Taken by me today.


The Kingdom tower in Jeddah along with several other mega-talls under construction in China will soon knock 1 WTC out of the top ten. Its time for America (NYC) to build a mega-tall.


given that the Nordstrom/cp tower was specifically shortened to remain under 1wtc, that’s highly unlikely.





Wow! @Dennis_Sandoval you made moves!


Some work going on at the top of one for last few days. Possibly more TV/radio antennas, but they are also changing the lights on the spire. They were off for a few days, they’re back on now and look more LED-ish up close.
It also seems like they’re doing something to the window washing equipment in those voids, and there is something they were moving around sticking out over the roof. The BMU might be back in business soon…

EDIT: I think the 1WTC agenda right now is:
-add third section of the white antenna stuff (going on right now)
-repair the beacon (apparently in shop)
-finish east entrance (gonna be ready this year, but inaccessible until loading dock is moved)
-repair/finish BMU (they told NYP they’d finish it in 2018)
-fix remaining busted lights at base (they made a lot of progress during the holidays)
I think we can always whine about how they are neglectful but to me it seems this building is awfully high maintenance and that’s a design flaw more than anything else. I’d say that in a year or so things will be a lot better, maybe they’ll even have another tenant for the 70s which are still empty…

Durst probably wants the place to be nice considering their offices are inside it


they also recently fixed the base lights, and they’re doing the east lobby. It’s these little things that will help make 1wtc more worthy of it’s tallest-in-America status


I hope Durst speeds things up with the spire. I want to see that beacon shining again.


What did the beacon look like when it wasn’t being repaired? I don’t remember it.