NEW YORK | One World Trade Center | 1,776 FT (spire) / 1,368 FT (parapet) | 104 FLOORS


Do you think they will end being uniform like in the renders? Or could we end up with all different sized equipment? I hope it’s the former because otherwise it would look kinda silly.


I’m almost positive it will all be uniform as far as the dishes on the rings go. The antennas come next and I’m not sure what that will look like lol.


Cool I think it will be a nice addition to the crown and will completely change the appearance of the tower. But it looks like it will be a slow as they come process.


Oh no, it will definitely be an assortment of different size antennas, at irregular intervals. They’re just renting out space to whoever wants to put something up there. I sort of work in this field, and there is just no conceivable reason you would ever have a ring of perfectly-spaced, identical microwave antennas pointing out in every direction like in the renderings. That’s just… not a thing.


Ahh well I guess we will see how that looks in the end. Thanks for the response!


Another dish installed on the rings today. That makes 3. A 4th one is being prepped to go up as well.

Via Earthcam:


Is this dish on the rings? It looks like it is located on a railing that follows the roof parapet.


Yeah it’s on the middle/top? ring, right below the top. The angle is deceiving lol.



Thx (and I am glad I had it wrong)


It appears they have begun to remove the temporary rig for washing the observatory windows. I wonder if they have rectified the situation with the permanent rigs…or at least close to.


@garyhershorn on instagram

@garyhershorn on instagram


Man, if they’re not going to maintain the lighting at the base, they should just turn it off. It looks like crap.


the neglect shown towards our city’s icon is unacceptable. The base lighting, the BMUs/Windows, the spire and beacon… all of them seem to be not up to par.


I agree. It’s a joke to be honest. I noticed they have been working on fixing the base lighting on the South and East faces so hopefully they work around to the North and West sides. I honestly think it looks better turned off anyway, it’s a little ridiculous looking with how huge the base is. The BMU’s still not being fixed are a joke. Though I think they may be close to having them repaired because they’ve been removing the temporary rigs at the top of the tower. The spire should have never been stripped. Ugh. I wouldn’t have cared as much about the value engineering of 3 WTC, the redesign of 2 WTC if they didn’t freaking touch 1 WTC. It’s kind of sad.




Upper Mechanical lights have been off the last several days. Hope they turn them back on soon. The tower looks odd at night with no upper floors lit. Makes the spire look like its floating from a distance. At least the twins had those FAA lights on each of the top corners…


One WTC is a hot mess. There’s no uniformity in the lighting. The observation deck lights look different from the mechanical lighting that surrounds it and as mentioned above its not lit all the time. Its like someone forgets to turn on the lights or something. Below the mechanical floors the majority of the building looks unoccupied with construction lights at night. Its like the PA has completely given up on trying to make this look decent at the very least. The previous WTC towers looked better at night. What a shame.


So this is pretty cool: Falling snowflakes on the base of One WTC (click on link since Instagram videos don’t look like they can be embedded):

Posted on Instagram by user @anniquenyc.

Here is another Instagram video by user @sould_rebelde:

Also: the east side of the podium is looking good. From Earthcam:


Hmm. Looks tacky to me.