NEW YORK | One World Trade Center | 1,776 FT (spire) / 1,368 FT (parapet) | 104 FLOORS


My first thought was that it was Goldman but I’m reading that the foundation didn’t start until 2005 so that made me doubt that supposition. Photo is from Jan '05


Wow. I am pleasantly surprised this morning. They are currently installing the last remaining sections of the base facade around the East Entrance. This is great to see. Now 1 WTC will finally look complete (for the most part).

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the continued adventures of 1 WTC’s spire. Communications equipment is starting to overtake the steel.


Do you guys think that many years down the road they’ll redo the spire to include the covering. For the tower to be the crown jewel of NYC, the spire sure is ugly.


I wish


Me, too.


Working on Saturday. Panels around the East entrance coming along nicely. Good to see.

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If I remember correctly, the exclusion of the radome wasn’t an aesthetic decision. The engineers discovered that it actually wasn’t aerodynamic and would make the spire sway like crazy.


Really? I thought it was to cut costs, but that makes sense as well. Thanks!


I mean I could be wrong but I have a distinct memory of reading that somewhere at the time

Edit: found this old article from the gothamist that says it had more to do with the impossible standards of maintaining the structure.


they can’t even wash the windows regularly. How would they manage the spire?


I’ve seen in a documentary that the radome would not survive. They did a wind test on a model of Lower Manhattan with the One World Trade Center’s 2011 design and the spire was shaking like crazy


That might be what I was remembering


Surely the design could be modified with smaller fiberglass panels that would be easier to maintain, and openings for wind.


The new 3 and 4 WTC casting a familiar shadow over the Trade Center this morning.

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So much for a new building…


No bueno.


They seem to have set up new temporary window-washing rigs for the majority of the building. They are still washing the observation deck and mechanical floors from the very top. But for the office/occupied floors, they seem to have set up something new hung from the bottom floor of the large mechanical area near the top. They even removed some windows on the north and south sides.


Another dish installed on the rings. I can’t wait for this whole thing to be covered.

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