NEW YORK | One Vanderbilt | 1,401 FT | 67 FLOORS


^^To the pics above, people will wax nostalgic for the era when CPT, Vandy and Steinway were all under construction at once. I have no doubt!


I like NY Times too, though its definitely not perfect for some of the reasons already mentioned.

One thing that is significantly different about NY Times is that much of the structural steel is actually external. Might be a hint of what 270 Park has in store.

I thought for some reason that the majority of the members here didn’t like NY Times. If I recall there was a healthy following for the Gehry design.


02/21/19 2:39 PM


432 Park Ave looks like One Vandy’s core in the first shot.


This is one tower that’s definitely turning out better than the renderings. Can’t wait to see work start on the crown.



This is like Simba climbing Pride Rock.




Looks like its very close to eclipsing Chrysler.


Awesome photo. I commemoration of those who have come before us; and a reminder of our own mortality, for all of us who will some day follow.


Spoken like a true ‘replicant’ - you seem too wise to be a mere human. I too am a big ‘blade runner’ fan. Still wonder if Decker was, or was not, a human: and if the origami unicorn was a clue. Great fun contemplating these sci fi conundrums.



Rutger Hauer is the man.

Apparently test audiences in the early 80’s were weirded out that Deckard might be the replicant of Gaff (EJ Olmos) which is why the studio forced Ridley Scott to cut parts for the theatrical version.

After seeing the movie as a kid I had to devour Do androids dream of electric sheep?


they don’t call it the Gray Lady for nothing



Thanks, that is stuff I did not know. Now this post only raises yet another question for me: ‘do androids dream of electric sheep?’…LOL




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