NEW YORK | One Vanderbilt | 1,401 FT | 67 FLOORS


I love that angle! Where was it taken?


2019 Half View of the Chrysler Building 41st Street 1479 by Brecht Bug, on Flickr


Along the East River next to Stuyvesant Town.


Crazy to think there could be a 1500 ft Chase building and another super tall at the Hyatt site alongside this in the near future.


Some schematics of the tower


Id love to see more towers on the east side of Park as well. It would make it a new fantastic skyscraper canyon.


How close are we to the first setback?


Around 60 feet, the next 3 floors are the observation deck



That doesn’t look like 1300 foot.


That will be the final height of the tower sans spire. Not the current UC height.


It’s still around 980 feet, the next set will bring it to around 1,020 feet


Instagram: nyconstructionphoto



I’m gonna take some flak for this comment, but I’ll say it: It reminds me of the NY Times tower.

Some of the corners are cut out and the wavy terra-cotta reminds me of the ceramic rods. NY Times is 15 floors shorter, but the size of the floors and column spacing are similar, not to mention that both are across the street from major above-ground transit hubs. The crown for 1 Vandy is a better way to cover up a disproportionately tall spire.

I can just imagine a sign above 42nd Street that reads “The Carlyle Group” or more likely “TD Bank”.


Then I’m gonna take some flak for this: NY Times tower is one of my favorites in NYC. It’s very gotham to me.


I like it too, I also love the NY Times sign/logo right on the building


The NYtimes building is nice though not a fan of the elongated spire. I just wish they would clean the ceramic rods. It looks more discolored.


I think the NYT Building is the ugliest supertall in New York. The crown could have been designed better in my opinion.


It really questions the spire calculation with building height into the cross hairs. Its one thing to have a very nice crown with a spire, and various architectural elements that add value to a tower, but the spire on NYT is borderline cheap. BOA pulls it off nicely, even 1 WTC (could of been better :frowning: ) … but NYT… :face_vomiting: